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Title:   OddBalls
Platforms:   mobile (iOS, Android) and web
Releases:   original release May 8th 2013, last updated Nov. 2019

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Launch OddBalls from a cannon in this crazy physics puzzle game! Bounce off walls, float in fans and bend around magnets to solve tricky puzzles using real physics.

One OddBall bounces, one floats and the other is made of heavy metal. Combine these traits with special powerups to guide the OddBalls through challenging puzzle rooms. Collect energy points and progress through a facility full of obstacles. Uncover the secret storyline about the OddBalls and leave no OddBall behind!

•  Over 80 clever physics puzzles
•  Colourful 3D graphics (supports retina display)
•  Three different OddBalls each with special traits
•  Multiple Powerups offering different play options
•  Moving platforms, fans, magnets, buttons and more
•  Many ways to solve each puzzle
•  Leaderboard support
•  A storyline with multiple endings and end game boss battles

Game Trailer (Vimeo):

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OddBalls Game on the web
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OddBalls Game in Google Play Store
OddBalls Game in App Store